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In early October 2019 I received an email from the social media agency for Amazon Handmade with a confidential invitation to be part of their upcoming social media campaign. After enquiring for further information I was told that a small filming crew would be coming up to my studio from London the following week to film me making my boards and discussing my work!

So, before I knew it, the day had arrived! 4 lovely guys from London got the train up to Liverpool (bless them, they had to leave at like 6am and they probably didn't get back home until at least 11pm that night) and came to my studio.
As some of you will be aware though, my 'studio' isn't the most conventional workspace. I work from a storage unit pod:
Amazon Handmade Artisan Small Business British Artist
During the process of the day I spoke about how I became an artist, and how much my work means to me. I've never really done a proper interview with a camera before, so it was a very new experience for me!
I told a story about how I'd received a lovely review from a mother once - she said her son had heard me speak at his primary school during careers week, and was so inspired that he saved up all of his pocket money and sold his video games so he could buy one of my boards as a gift for her! That story really moved me.

Amazon Handmade Artisan Small Business British Artist 

A few weeks went by and then I had a notification from Amazon Handmade - the video had been published!

I'm so incredibly happy with how the video turned out, and so grateful for the incredible opportunity that Amazon Handmade have given my small business. The response to the video has been phenomenal - nearly a million views! Absolutely crazy!
Amazon Handmade Artisan Small Business British Artist
Amazon Handmade Artisan Small Business British Artist
Amazon Handmade Artisan Small Business British Artist


Fast forward 8 months... Amazon made another video with me! Here it is:


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