All boards, placemats and artworks are wrapped in acid free tissue paper and cardboard bubble wrap. The packaged item is then placed in a padded cardboard box to further protect it. I have taken steps to ensure that my packaging is nearly completely plastic free (at the time of writing I still have a few rolls of plastic sellotape to get through, and after that my packaging will be 100% plastic free!)

I have worked in various galleries over the years, helping with exhibition installations, so I have lots of experience with art handling and packaging. All of my work is wrapped with utmost care to keep it safe in transit.

For further information on how I ship my artworks, see my blog post 'How To Package An Artwork’.



I can make artworks, tables and placemat sets in any colour to suit your home decor. Please email me with details of what you are after 😊



Please get in touch with me via info@katechesters.com 



I offer worldwide free shipping.



I decorate my artisan boards using epoxy resin which is non-toxic and certified as food safe. I only use the best brands of resin available on the market, using only the highest grade raw materials that are tested for purity.

The resin that I use is food safe, making it an excellent medium to use for the artwork on my artisan chopping boards.

The resin that I use is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Resin is waterproof and extremely hard once dry.


Olive Wood

My olive wood boards are responsibly sourced from Tunisia, where the olive trees are protected by government regulations. Only very old trees that no longer bear fruit can be cut down, and harvested trees must be replaced. This makes olive wood a sustainable and ethical material to work with.

Hard wearing and practical, with natural antibacterial properties, each artisan board is perfect for cutting and preparing food, and stylish enough to leave out when not in use. Each board has its own unique grain pattern and natural edge, making it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Just like the fingerprints on our hands, no two trees are identical. Therefore, the grain pattern, colour and shape of each artisan board will vary. Each board is completely unique and individual in beauty.


How To Clean Your Artisan Board

Wooden boards should not be soaked or put in a dishwasher. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Use a food-safe mineral oil to nourish the board and enhance its natural characteristics.

This is best practice advice for all wooden chopping boards, whether they are resin decorated or not.


Can I chop on the resin?

Yes! Check out the video below showing me chopping on the resin part of the board.

Like with anything that regularly has a knife slicing on it, scratches will appear over time, however, the artwork will remain the same (you will just see scratches when you hold it under the light). Resin is an incredibly strong material and I only use the very best resin available

Please feel free to email me for further shipping details or any other questions.