On Tuesday 8th December my business changed overnight. Well, quicker than overnight! Within the space of a few minutes really! 

My resin art olive wood boards were featured as part of the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide presented by Holly & Phil on This Morning:

 Within seconds of being featured my phone blew up - emails, texts, social media activity, website orders. I was too shocked and overwhelmed to feel proud/euphoric at that point. Within the space of 10 minutes I had over 100 emails in my inbox - I had never dealt with this kind of attention & traffic before. 

I quickly dashed home to watch it on tv with my parents, and then I raced back to the studio. What followed from that was a week of non stop work to keep on top of orders and make more boards for people to buy in time for Christmas. I would wake up at 4am each day just to give myself more time to work - it was crazy! 

I am so incredibly grateful to the team at ITV for reaching out and offering the chance to be featured. It was a peak career defining moment (so far!) and it gave my business a huge boost. 

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