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Large Print Bible Word Search for People with Dementia

Large Print Bible Word Search for People with Dementia

This large print Christian word search book features 50 puzzles themed on Biblical words and phrases. Designed specifically for adults living with Dementia, the word searches in this book only contain answers going from left to right - there are no backwards/diagonal/upside down words.

I have seen from first-hand experience how overly complicated puzzles can cause frustration and a loss of interest in people living with Dementia. These word search puzzles are designed to be enjoyable yet manageable, to encourage confidence and feelings of success.

There is no mention of Dementia/Alzheimer’s (or anything that could cause distress/embarrassment) in any of the puzzles or on the cover of the book. This puzzle book has been designed with respect so it can be enjoyed with dignity.

  • Large 18x Arial font to help with those who suffer with their eyesight and low vision.
  • The puzzles begins on the very first page, so readers aren’t confused by initial copyright/publishing etc. pages
  • Soft, lightweight and comfortable A4 book

This word search book is perfect if your loved one is feeling overwhelmed by ‘normal’ puzzles, and has lost their confidence with reading materials. Boost their self-esteem with these manageable word searches which will allow them to enjoy the pleasure of completing a puzzle again.

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